Scenic Ridge Lancaster Location

                 Construction of the new 27,000 square foot shop and mechanics building for Scenic Ridge Company is complete.  The project is the first of five proposed buildings that will make up the future Lancaster Campus.  The facility, which sits on approximately 8 acres of the development, houses all of our concrete and steel installation crews and equipment.   In addition, the mechanics are housed in an adjoining 6,200 square foot equipment repair shop.  The project greatly increases the available space for all of our work crews and will ultimately improve our efficiency and productivity.

The building utilizes some new building materials and techniques that are proprietary to Scenic Ridge Company.  The first was the use of precast insulated panels for the knee walls around the perimeter of the building.  This system eliminated the need for continuous footings between the pier footings.  The precast walls also increase the R-value of the wall assembly.  Typically an 8 inch block foundation wall has an R-value of around R-1 but with the precast concrete system we were able to obtain and R-value of R-16.  All precast panels were made on site, by our own crews and lifted into place.  Overall the precast panels worked well and look great.

On the roof we experimented with an alternate insulation method.  The idea was to obtain a high R-value, comply with the energy conservation code and eliminate the potential for condensation.  The solution was to install two layers of insulation above the bar joists separated by a special thermal block  that acts as a break in the thermal conduction as well as a screw block for the attachment of metal roofing clips.   Using this system we were able to achieve R-values greater than R-22.  By keeping all of the insulation above the steel we also eliminated the possibility of condensation on the structural members.  We hope to use this method of roof insulation on other projects and believe that this system is far superior to a “Sag and Bag” or “Opti-liner”/”Simple-saver” systems.

Over 80% of the work was performed by our crews.  Scenic Ridge fabricated and erected all of the steel, pre-formed all the metal trims, gutters and downspouts, poured all the concrete and performed most of the site work.    Overall, the project is an excellent example of the quality that can be achieved when we work together to fully integrate all aspects of design and construction.  Our crews and subcontractors did a great job pulling this project together by paying attention to detail and working together to solve problems.

One building up four more to go!

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