2012 Christmas Banquet

Our annual Christmas banquet was held at Shady Maple Smorgasbord on December 14, 2012. Over 300 people attended the banquet, making it the largest banquet in Scenic Ridge history! As guests arrived, women and children were given raffle tickets for door prizes and men were given slips of paper for a guessing game. When people entered the banquet room, they were escorted to their tables by members of the Scenic Ridge Management Team. Once seated, guests helped themselves to appetizers and salads and registered for their chance to win the door prizes and gifts from our banquet games. Before we were dismissed to eat, Mike Feo made some announcements and Elam led us in prayer. After everyone enjoyed the delicious feast, Matt announced Elam’s Christmas gift, a monetary donation to give to the charity of his choice. Then, Mandy and Chelsea announced the winners of the men’s guessing games and women and children’s raffles. After the prizes were handed out, the managers announced all of the new hires, and we recognized everyone who helped on the Picnic and Christmas Banquet committees. Then, it was time for awards! Elam recognized employees who have worked for the company for 10 years or more. This year, Eli Stoltzfus was presented with a clock for his 10 years of service. Next, the Core Value award winners were announced. These awards were voted on by our peers. Reuben Stoltzfus won the “character” award. Jared Sensenig won the excellence award. Mel Esh won the safety award. Lloyd Huyett won the servant leadership award. Lastly, Matt King won the family atmosphere award. After all of the awards were handed out, it was time for the entertainment. Kids gathered up front to watch the comedian Sam Fisher. Everybody laughed and giggled at his silly jokes. Elam concluded the evening with a few remarks, and then Martin Murillo sang and played O Holy Night on the guitar. On the way out, children grabbed little goodie bags filled with treats, and employees received their Christmas gifts. We want to thank everyone for a great year, and we are looking forward to what 2013 holds for Scenic Ridge!


Family Atmosphere winner: Matt King
Safety winner: Mel Esh
Servant Leadership winner: Lloyd Huyett
Character winner: Reuben Stoltzfus
Excellence winner: Jared Sensenig

Guessing Game Winners:

Jason Kauffman
Amos Glick
Sam King
Darryl Smith
Michael Stoltzfus


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