Cherry Crest Farm leads the way in agri-tainment!

Cherry Crest Farm owns Cherry Crest Adventure Farm which runs the oldest corn maze in the world, as well as a petting zoo, and other “agri-tainment” attractions.  Cherry Crest Farm approached Scenic Ridge in 2014 to design and build a new equipment shop that would allow their employees to work on their farm equipment and store some of their
antique tractors.


The building consists of a pre-engineered steel building with structural steel mezzanines and a 3 ton traveling crane.  The construction took about 4 months from start to finish and Scenic Ridge performed all the concrete work, steel work and metals installations.


The project was unique for an agricultural equipment shop because it also serves as a backdrop for the antique tractor collection that tourists have been coming to see every summer since Cherry Crest Adven- ture Farm opened in 1996.  Since the building is part of the Adventure Farm scenery, the owner was very concerned about the appearance of the building.  In response, we added some upgrades to the building to satisfy the owner’s ideas including stone veneer, divided lite windows, and concealed fastener metal soffits.


This project has always been Jack Coleman’s dream.  He always wanted a quality shop that looks great. It was a pleasure working with Jack Coleman and his staff to design and build the facility. Our crews made it happen and we have another happy customer to show for it. Thanks to Jack Coleman for the opportunity, and thanks to all who helped make his dream a reality!

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