Kreider Silo Observation Tower is open!!!

Check out the views and footage of the ribbon cutting ceremony from May 2, 2016. Click the link below! And be sure to take a farm tour and see the views for yourself!

In an effort to educate the public about Agriculture and where our food comes from, Kreider Farms decided to convert an old barn silo into an observation tower. The silo, which weighs 480,000 lbs and is 100 foot high needed to be moved 1200 feet to its new location on the farm.  Scenic Ridge Company was selected to coordinate the project for Kreider Farms. We teamed up with Providence Engineering, Vosburgh Architects, and Wolfe House Movers.  The transformation from grain silo to observation tower had many components, one of which was moving its location.  Once the silo was moved and in place near the parlor, the galvanized steel stairs were attached to the outside of the silo leading to the top.  The observation deck was assembled and has created a spectacular view of Lancaster County farm land for its visitors.  Kreider Farms also wanted to protect the farm from the heavy traffic that their farm tours and observation tower would bring in; so a bridge connecting the silo with their parlor was also constructed. Scenic Ridge Company was honored to oversee this project from permitting to completion. Thanks to Kreider Farms and all involved for another successful and very unique project!













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