Scenic Ridge Fabrication Building











The 23,385 square foot Scenic Ridge Fabrication Facility is a showcase for the capabilities of the company.  The building was designed by Scenic Ridge, the concrete work was done by Scenic Ridge, the building was erected and the insulation, siding, roofing, trims and the canopies were installed all by Scenic Ridge.  In addition to putting the building together, the structural and miscellaneous steel and the metal trims were fabricated by Scenic Ridge.  Finally, the complex tasks of managing and supervising the project and the many subcontractors used on the project was done by Scenic Ridge.















The building has 3,382 SF of office space on two floors.  It also has 1,500 SF of area for services, including the lunchroom, mechanical rooms, restrooms, shower room and the shop office.  The heart of the building, the fabrication floor, contains 18,500 SF of work area.  Compare that to the prior fabrication shop which had approximately 7,000 SF of work area.  An additional 10,000 SF of steel fabrication space can be added in the future.















The building is designed to support a 5 ton bridge crane in the fab area.  It has (6) 2-ton jib cranes to help manipulate the work pieces as they are being assembled.  There are also (7) welding arms to allow easy positioning of the welding equipment for optimum welding efficiency.  Because it’s a welding shop, ventilation is critical.  The ventilation system was designed to exhaust welding fumes effectively in several different modes depending on season and temperature.











Construction of the building started in October 2015.  The move from Queen Road to the new shop at Steelton Road Lancaster was complete in June 2016. Because of the detailed planning done before the move, very little production time was lost in the transition.

Thanks to everyone involved for another successful project!


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