Twin Springs



        In 2012 the Horning’s decided to move their expanding business off the family farm. Their product, for custom processors for harvesting grain, was being shipped across the country and was in demand.  Many other farm Industries were in the same situation, so the Hornings saw the opportunity and purchased 42 acres of land in the Blue Ball area and developed an industrial park. This location was chosen because of availability, location and price. It also needed to be within biking distance for their employees.

The land was located on both sides of Rancks Church Road, south of route 23. In order to accommodate the additional traffic, the road was realigned, widened and new utilities were installed. Also Twin Springs Court, a cul-de-sac off of Rancks Church Road, was constructed.  Thirteen lots were laid out in various sizes to appeal to a variety of businesses. This market was apparently ripe for this need, based on the rapid sales of the lots.

Their business, known as Twin Springs LLC, is owned by Leon Horning, Sr, Leon Horning, Jr and Nathaniel Horning. They retained a 6.65 acre lot and erected their nearly 35,000 square foot facility, with expansion capabilities of another 18,000 square feet. When asked why they choose Scenic Ridge  Company as their developer and contractor they responded that SRC was competitive and had the in-house capabilities that they were looking for.  Scenic Ridge Company appreciates the great relationship that was developed over the course of this project and looks forward to working with the Horning’s again.


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