Our Facilities & Equipment

When we started our business in 1989, we were content with our small facility for the first several years. As the jobs and new clients began rolling in, we quickly realized we had to expand. In 2002, we built a 15,000 square foot, two-story building, which serves as the Main Office for Scenic Ridge.

By 2007, we needed to add a new metal fabrication shop. We built a 12,000 square foot shop, and shortly after we expanded again by another 4,000 square feet. This time we also added a storage mezzanine. In 2010, as we continued to increase our workforce, we made the decision to move our concrete shop to a separate building so that we could expand our office area.

In 2014 Scenic Ridge’s construction and equipment repair teams moved into our new 20,000 square foot facility on Horseshoe Road in Lancaster. Today, Scenic Ridge encompasses two facilities and over 60,000 square feet of building space. But our expansion plans are not finished yet! In the next few years we plan to continue growth at our Lancaster facility. The 15-acre site gives us room to expand more services and serve our customers efficiently.

Main OfficeDiscuss Your Project

Although our headquarters is nestled in the heart of Lancaster County farmland, our building is anything but quaint. We wanted to show our clients that we are committed to the product that we build, by constructing our own facility out of steel. After a series of expansions to accommodate our growing business, our finished building sits on five acres of land and includes a 16,000 square foot fabrication shop. What better way for a client to get a sense of the quality and durability of our product, than by visiting our facility?

Fabrication ShopDiscuss Your Project

Scenic Ridge offers a state-of-the-art steel fabrication shop. In 2007, we saw the need to have our own fabrication shop to better serve our clients’ needs. Our fabrication shop allows us to specialize in manufacturing beams, columns, stairs, railings, trim, wall panels and roof panels. Our certified welders are ready to handle your project. If it’s made of metal, we can make it!

Scenic Ridge utilizes Tekla Structures, a state-of-the-art 3-D steel detailing program. This enables us to create the most accurate shop drawings and reduce the chance of errors. Having four trained Tekla draftsmen allows us to complete shop drawings quickly to meet deadlines.

Our fabrication shop has a computerized brake, allowing us to make quick work of custom trim. Our roll forming machine can produce custom lengths right on the job site for standing seam metal roofing.

Concrete ShopDiscuss Your Project

The Scenic Ridge concrete shop stocks many of the supplies that our team uses on a regular basis. We own our concrete equipment, and we stock items such as rebar, reinforcing wire, rigid insulation, sealers, forms and other items that help with concrete work. Owning this equipment saves our customers money and allows us to run a tight schedule.

Maintenance ShopDiscuss Your Project

The maintenance shop at Scenic Ridge maintains all of our equipment, trucks and tools. We have several trained technicians on staff, who complete regular and preventative maintenance checks to ensure all equipment is running efficiently and up to standards. Having well-maintained equipment helps to ensure our projects are done on time.

Hauling DepartmentDiscuss Your Project

Scenic Ridge has the equipment and professional drivers to tackle any hauling needs for your project. Our sturdy and dependable trucks and trailers, along with our Witco 35-ton detach trailer, accommodate the toughest hauling needs. For items that need some more protection, we also have several 48’ to 53’ van and curtain side trailers to protect your building materials.

Excavating EquipmentDiscuss Your Project

Scenic Ridge is committed to our vision of being able to meet all of our clients' construction needs. That is why we added excavating to our services. We own our equipment which includes excavators, dump trucks, skid-loaders and compaction equipment. Our staff includes several trained excavating technicians who are ready to tackle services like stone grading, trenching, demolition, storm-water systems and small to mid-size site excavation projects.

Pettibone & Man LiftDiscuss Your Project

Scenic Ridge always looks for the safest and most efficient way to work on every project. Utilizing equipment to aid our crews in the construction process is one way we reduce the manpower and time needed for steel building projects.

Our crews use Pettibone material-handling equipment, which has a reputation as being a premier manufacturer of construction equipment. Our Pettibone tractors can lift heavy items up to 44 feet. Scenic Ridge also uses man-lifts, which keep our workers safe from falls on the job. Our fleet includes 10 Pettibone tractors, 19 man-lifts and several cranes and scissor lifts.

Concrete Laser ScreedDiscuss Your Project

Scenic Ridge embraces technology, because it has continued to advance our company and the entire industry. Our latest addition of technological equipment is our laser screed. This machine provides precision accuracy with flatness and floor leveling to pour concrete floors to the highest precision in the industry. The laser screed also helps us pour concrete faster and in larger quantities, allowing workers to remain focused on final-finishing of the slab.

Welding TruckDiscuss Your Project

At Scenic Ridge, no building project is the same. We pride ourselves in trying to offer virtually any service clients could need on their project. Although a welding truck may not be needed for every job, when a project calls for it, we have it ready to go. Our welding truck is stocked with welding supplies and features a welding deck, equipping our workers to weld on-site.