Why Choose Scenic Ridge?

What makes Scenic Ridge different than the competition? Our mission is, "To create custom steel buildings and provide construction services that will enable our customers and employees to realize their full potential." Here are seven reasons to choose Scenic Ridge for your construction needs:

Christian Values.
At Scenic Ridge, we focus on keeping Christ as the center of our business. Christian values of honesty, integrity, and character mark all of our business relationships as we seek to honor Christ first.
Lancaster County Quality.
Lancaster County is known for outstanding craftsmanship. Our crews are no exception. One of our five core values is excellence. We strive to continuously improve value to our customers through leadership, innovation and taking pride in our workmanship.
Speed of Construction.
The construction schedule is very important to many of our clients. Our team has successfully completed many projects with short schedules. Our high-performance teams know how to get a job done quickly, while maintaining quality and job-site safety.
Solid Reputation.
Scenic Ridge has a solid reputation in the community as a builder and employer of integrity. We are committed to an attitude of service toward one another where we honor each other with respect, humility and gratitude. We support many local organizations with similar values.
Ultimate Customer Satisfaction.
Our main goal at Scenic Ridge is to provide ultimate customer satisfaction on every project. We always strive for quality over quantity, caring much more about gaining a new client who views us as a true partner versus just making another sale. We will do whatever it takes to ensure your satisfaction!
Build Quality Relationships.
Building quality relationships with our clients is just as important to us as building strong, reliable buildings. First-time and repeat customers are welcomed into our business family with open arms. Our goal is to be your long-term partner which will benefit everyone.
In-house Detailing, Manpower and Steel Fabrication.
Having in-house detailing and construction crews ready to tackle any project is like having all the right tools in the toolbox. Having these teams in-house expands our capabilities in the variety of services we offer to support our clients' building needs. We can handle your project from concept to completion!