Agricultural Case Studies

Agriculture is a leading industry in Lancaster County and the surrounding region. Scenic Ridge headquarters sit right in the heartland of a farming community, making us the logical choice for clients in the agricultural industry who are looking to have a building designed and constructed by a local company. We have built horse-riding arenas, chicken houses, barns and egg-producing facilities. All of our agricultural building solutions are aesthetically pleasing and very functional.

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Holowesko Riding Arena Discuss Your Project

Quick Facts: 19,800 sq. ft., Trappe MD, Riding Arena. Completed in 2007

A pre-engineered metal building was chosen to help create this 90’ clear-span structure. Scenic Ridge teamed with a local horse barn builder to make this vision come to life. The 90’ x 220’ x 15’ 9’ structure features an architectural “Sculptured Bronze” standing-seam roof on a 5:12 pitch. The walls are finished with cedar siding and lots of decorative windows.

Kreider Farms Chicken House Discuss Your Project

Quick Facts: 32,550 sq. ft., Mt. Joy PA, Chicken House. Completed in 2007

This building is the chicken house of the 21st century. The building is 62’ x 525’ x 32’ and houses approximately 410,000 chickens. The walls are 2’ Metlspan panels. The columns were kept on the outside of the building to create a smooth, clean inside wall surface. The roof is a galvalume standing-seam system with a 2:12 pitch. The building structure is a pre-engineered metal building. It was built above the existing chicken house and then the existing building was demolished.

Rotko Riding Arena Discuss Your Project

Quick Facts: 12,400 sq. ft., Unionville PA, Agricultural. Completed in 2002

The Rotko Riding Arena is a 12,400 sq. ft. riding arena located in Unionville, PA. The metal building has galvalume standing-seam roof panels and painted siding panels. There are motorized bi-fold doors in each sidewall of the building for light and ventilation.

Star Rock Farms Discuss Your Project

Quick Facts:

Star Rock Farms is a large dairy operation located in Conestoga, PA. They milk 1,200 cows and farm more than 10,000 acres in a 35 mile radius, spread over four counties. The farm is currently owned and operated by the 3rd generation of the Barley family, brothers Rob and Tom, and their cousin Abe Jr. When they needed a new maintenance shop and offices, Scenic Ridge was chosen to construct a 100’ x 146’ x 20’ facility.
The pre-engineered metal building was supplied by Corle Building Systems, which is located in Imler, PA. A second floor was incorporated above the offices to be used for parts storage. The shop area has an in-floor radiant system with a coal stoker furnace. The furnace also supplies heat to the office HVAC system. There is cultured stone on the office front of the building with a canopy above including a return gable over the main entrance. There are seven garage doors providing drive through access in two bays. Construction began in May 2010 and Star Rock moved into their new offices in October 2010. Scenic Ridge would like to thank our excellent field crews and Subcontractors for making this project a success!

Kreider Farms Egg Division Discuss Your Project

Quick Facts:

New innovative technology is making “Happy Chickens” with state-of-the-art chicken house designs and automated equipment. Happy chickens mean more eggs! When Kreider Farms was challenged with upgrading their Manheim egg processing facility, they turned to Scenic Ridge Construction to assist them in developing a plan to replace their existing facility while they remained in full egg production. The new 56,000 sq. ft. egg processing facility is 2-1/2 times larger than the original. Careful planning was the key to this project. The facility was constructed like a puzzle with three separate buildings connected together in phases. Four replacement chicken houses and manure storage buildings were completed in 2010, making this total project 222,000 sq. ft. in size and housing 1.8 million birds!
The first phase is a 24,000 sq. ft. cooler. It was built just beyond the existing buildings. The cooler is constructed using pre-engineered steel with hot dipped galvanized members. Insulated sandwich wall and standing seam roof panels were used for the exterior sheeting and roofing. The new cooler was placed in operation before the existing cooler and loading docks were demolished.
The next phase was a new 18,000 sq ft. egg packaging building. This metal building was designed to be constructed over the top of the existing egg operations. New offices and employee lunchroom were added in the open end. This allows the existing building to be torn down in sections while under the new roof. A new concrete floor was placed over the existing floor. New egg washing and packaging equipment was installed and placed in operation before the old equipment was discarded.
The final phase is a new 18,000 sq. ft. dry storage warehouse building. It connects in the corner where the other two buildings meet. A fire wall isolates the packaging area from the cooler and warehouses. Several outdated chicken house buildings were also replaced with new 61’ wide x 529’ long x 30’ high pre-engineered steel structures with the same insulated sandwich wall panel system as the cooler. The design incorporates hot dipped galvanized framing located on the outside of the building walls and an insulated standing seam metal roof. The galvanizing process minimizes steel corrosion. Exhaust ventilation fans are abundant in the end wall and in many of the side wall bays. Each building houses close to 450,000 birds. That’s a lot of eggs! A 150’ long manure storage building is connected to the end of each chicken house. The manure building is again designed around the same hot dipped galvanized frame principal and 16’ high concrete side walls.
Construction began in July, 2008 with completion of the egg processing building in March 2009. The 4th chicken house was completed mid-summer 2010. Our construction crews took on the challenges of this complicated and sequenced project. Our concrete crews placed all the foundations and slabs. Our Fab shop fabricated all the steel and metal trim for the connector buildings and platforms. Our steel crews erected all the sandwich wall and roof panel systems. We want to thank the Kreider Farms family for selecting us to team up with them on many of their new and replacement projects.

Jim Ferver Riding Arena Discuss Your Project

Quick Facts: 38,400 sq. ft., Cochranville PA, Riding Arena & Horse Barn. Completed in 2006

This building is a 38,400 sq. ft. riding arena located in Cochranville, PA. The main building is 240’ long and features a 120’ clear span frame design. Another 80’ x 120’ 2-story metal building has horse stables on the first floor with hay and other supply storage above. The buildings have galvalume standing-seam roof panels. The riding arena walls have a 4’ band of wall lites on all four sides. This arena has a continuous frost wall and a rider guard around the perimeter.

Esbenshade Farm Discuss Your Project

Quick Facts: 26,532 sq. ft., Mt. Joy PA, Egg Processing. Completed in 2002

The Esbenshade Farm building is a 26,532 sq. ft. egg processing facility in Mt. Joy, PA. It consists of several building sizes. The cooler building is a separate building with insulated panels in line with roof and sidewall.

Pioneer Hi-Bred Discuss Your Project

Quick Facts: 9,600 sq. ft., New Holland PA, Agricultural. Completed in 2010

Pioneer Hi-Bred, who is the largest producer of hybrid seeds for agriculture in the United States, has their main headquarters located in Johnstown, Iowa, and has many other offices around the world. In addition to other hybrid seeds, they produce, market, and sell hybrid seed corn in nearly 70 countries. One of their Corn Research Stations is located nearby in New Holland, PA.
Pioneer Hi-Bred has called on Scenic Ridge to assist with two projects. In 2009 we built a new 80’ x 120’ Machinery Storage and Shop building (the shed), and then in 2010 we were asked to renovate their existing building. The second project came our way as a result of the satisfaction they had with our performance in building the shed.
Pioneer needed more space for their expanding number of employees and programs at the station. They also needed a real cooler to store their seed stocks and legacy seeds. They had been using a converted office with a big A/C unit as their cooler with unsatisfactory results.
We developed plans to build a new mezzanine in their former equipment shop. The mezz is “S” shaped, winding around an open space and the 14’ tall cooler that we installed. Under the mezz we built areas for seed treating and seed counting (very important operations for them). We also added handicap accessible restrooms for women and men as well as a single stall shower room. Another improvement added was a separate server room with its own A/C system. Formerly, the server was stuck in the janitor’s closet along with the mop sink, water softener and pump expansion tank.
We replaced every window in the building with energy efficient aluminum clad wood windows as well as adding several more windows in various rooms. We also increased the insulation level of the exterior walls to reduce the amount of cold air around the perimeter of the offices. The front office area was completely gutted and rebuilt to provide more office space for the increased number of employees. A separate conference room was added as well as a redesigned and enlarged lunchroom. The new lunchroom has additional windows and is much brighter and more cheerful. The wall between the lunchroom and conference room is movable allowing them to reconfigure the space for larger meetings or functions.
Overall, Pioneer is very pleased with the results of our work. However, they still need more space — a great problem to have! So, there may be additional work for Scenic Ridge with them in the future. “Thank You” to Pioneer for choosing us, and thanks to all who helped create another happy customer.