Industrial Case Studies

Scenic Ridge has been helping industrial clients construct new buildings for decades. We've completed warehouses, distribution centers, shed manufacturing and welding shops, and food-processing facilities. We are proud to build industrial buildings that function well and are low maintenance. We know building construction inside and out. We are ready to help you create the ideal facility for your business.

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Hoover Diesel Discuss Your Project

Quick Facts: 30,000 sq. ft., New Holland PA, Industrial. Completed in 2010

Hoover Diesel worked with Scenic Ridge to construct their new 133’ x 225’ x 26’ building in New Holland. The building includes a jib crane in the service area, space for engine repair and diagnostics, warehouse, office space and a large parts storage mezzanine. The front entrance features decorative standing-seam metal roofing, split-face block and concealed fastener siding. Our fabrication shop made the structural steel and miscellaneous metals for the project.

Pine Hill Trailer Sales Discuss Your Project

Quick Facts: 23,000 sq. ft., Paradise PA, Manufacturing/Retail. Completed in 2012

Pine Hill specializes in custom hydraulic tilt shed trailers for the shed hauling industry. They manufacture and service shed trailers and mules, cargo and utility trailers, and provide parts and inspections. After a challenging start to the project, Pine Hill looked to Scenic Ridge to get the job done. The 23,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility has a large showroom and service counter, and is equipped with cranes, mezzanines and lots of attention to detail.

Kinsey's Archery Products Discuss Your Project

Quick Facts: 41,000 sq. ft., Elizabethtown PA, Warehouse. Completed in 2012

Kinsey’s growing business required a major warehouse expansion, and they believed Scenic Ridge was the perfect choice for the project. Scenic Ridge took the project from concept to completion. An aggressive schedule was necessary to put the building in use by April 2012, when new merchandise would begin arriving from overseas. Starting construction in October 2011, the project was finished within seven months, which was not only on time but also within budget. A large cistern was constructed as part of the foundation system to supply water for the sprinkler system.

Classic Garden Structures Discuss Your Project

Quick Facts: 25,500 sq. ft., Gordonville PA, Storage Shed Manufacturing. Completed in 2005

Classic Garden Structures is a 25,500 sq. ft. storage shed manufacturing facility. It is designed as two individual buildings to eliminate the need for a sprinkler system. At a future date, the two buildings will be combined when a public water source becomes available. The design includes 1,500 sq. ft. of administrative office and employee lunchroom. The structure is comprised of two 120’ wide x 100’ long x 22’ eave height pre-engineered metal buildings. The walls are a combination of 8’ high split-face block and pre-finished metal siding above. The roof is a colored standing-seam roof with a 3:12 pitch and 2’ wide overhangs. The office is conventional metal stud framing with 4’‘ split-face block veneer and standing-seam metal roofing.

Martin Mulch Discuss Your Project

Quick Facts: 19,680 sq. ft., Ephrata PA, Shop and Office Space. Completed in 2004

The Martin Mulch building is a 19,680 sq. ft. maintenance shop/office building located in Ephrata, PA. The floor space consists of an 18,000 sq. ft. maintenance area and a 1,680 sq. ft. office area. The building has galvalume standing-seam roof panels, pre-finished painted wall panels and splitface block to 4’ 8’‘ A.F.F. at the perimeter of the building. It was designed with lots of windows and wall lights to provide natural lighting. Scenic Ridge Construction managed the installation of the building shell and the office fit-outs.

Pacific Coast Feather Discuss Your Project

Quick Facts: 350,000 sq. ft., Lebanon PA, Pillow Manufacturing. Completed in 2004

The Pacific Coast Feather building is located in Lebanon, PA. The 350,000 sq. ft. warehouse is used as a pillow manufacturing facility. The building has a 32’ eave height and has loading docks on both sides. The building has a galvalume standing-seam roof and pre-finished painted siding panels. There is split-face block masonry to 10’ A.F.F. at the building perimeter. The 50’ x 50’ interior column spacing is accomplished by a wide-bay bar joist system. Scenic Ridge Construction supplied and installed the building shell in the limited time frame of 5 months.

Cigas Machine Discuss Your Project

Quick Facts: Pottstown PA, Machine Shop. Completed in 2008

Cigas Machine bought this abandoned 1880s era steel mill building and transformed it into a functioning fabrication shop. It is a practical example of applied sustainable design…’‘think green and share what you learn’‘. Scenic Ridge installed new roofing, siding, insulation and trim on this existing structure. Black perforated metal is installed on portions of the building, used to attract solar heat to help heat the building.

Greiner Industries Discuss Your Project

Quick Facts: 40,000 sq. ft., Manheim PA, Steel Fabrication. Completed in 2008

Greiner Industries remains committed as ever to its position as an industry leader. The machines in this new rolling and forming building can roll plate steel up to 4-3/4’‘ thick, beams up to 40’‘ deep, and solid steel bar up to 10’‘ thick! This building stands at 160’ x 250’ x 40’ – 4’‘ with a 1/4:12 sloped galvalume roof. The structure has one center row of columns and supports six 25-ton bridge cranes.

R & T Mechanical Discuss Your Project

Quick Facts: 40,000 sq. ft., Marietta PA, Metal Fabrication. Completed in 2008

When R & T Mechanical outgrew their old fabrication shop, they chose Scenic Ridge to build their new facility. The main building is 130’ x 360’ x 30’, with a separate 100’ x 130’ x 32’ open structure used for maintenance and storage. The main building has one row of interior columns, utilized to support multiple 10-ton cranes on both sides of the building.

Tell Manufacturing Discuss Your Project

Quick Facts: 46,188 sq. ft., Lititz PA, Warehouse, Manufacturing, Office. Completed in 2007

This facility is home to Tell Manufacturing’s corporate office, manufacturing facility and warehouse. The structure is a 167’ 6’‘ x 275’ 9’‘ x 36’ pre-engineered metal building. The roof structure uses 55’ long open-web joists, minimizing the number of interior columns and maximizing usable space. The building has a 4,600 sq. ft. corporate office area, and is equipped with an automatic sprinkler system. Lots of natural light is included in this design.

John F. Martin & Sons Meats Discuss Your Project

Quick Facts: 8,478 sq. ft., Stevens PA, Meat Processing. Completed in 2007

This 30’ high addition was done to Martin’s existing building to create lots of rack storage area and additional meat processing areas. It features Metlspan insulated wall panels.

Earl Township Building Discuss Your Project

Quick Facts: 11,000 sq. ft., New Holland PA, Municipal Building. Completed in 2004

The Earl Township Maintenance building is an 11,000 sq. ft. equipment maintenance building located in New Holland, PA. The floor area includes a drive-thru wash bay, a six-bay maintenance shop with drive-thru doors, 1,400 sq. ft. of offices and a 1,400 sq. ft. storage mezzanine above the office area. The metal building has a galvalume standing-seam roof. Exterior walls are 18’ high with 8’ of masonry and pre-finished metal panels above. The office area is enhanced with architectural split-face block and a colored standing-seam metal roof canopy. An in-floor heat system was installed in the concrete slab. The building’s downspouts are connected to an underground cistern beneath the wash bay floor. Scenic Ridge Construction was responsible for the building shell package and coordinating the mechanical trades.