Our Largest Ever Concrete Project…Sage Atwater Senior Living

Posted: September 28, 2018

We’ve been doing concrete work as long as we’ve been in business. But this project is our largest yet with an estimated 6,300 cubic yards of concrete to be placed!

Sage overall view

The concrete contract includes slabs-on-grade, slabs-on-deck, poured walls, and exterior sidewalks and patios. The building has five floors above the parking garage, encompassing 60,000 square feet per floor.


We started foundations in September 2017 and floors in December. We’ve been working at it since then, pouring over 40 floor pours since then! We have ten more floor pours to go before completing all 360,000 square feet of floor slabs!

Poured walls

In March 2018, we were awarded the contract for the steel stairs for six stair towers and two decorative entrance stairs. We are well underway on those, and we expect to complete our work around the end of 2018. A special thanks to Dave Green, Dave Riehl, Froylan Ambriz and Hector Ramirez for their dedication to seeing this project through completion. Great work guys!