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Scenic Ridge Company relied on the skills of the web specialists at WebTek Web Design for the revamping and revamping of the website. The website team created an inspiring site consistent with Scenic Ridge Companies other branding to continue the brand to all online visitors. The end website accomplished the objectives set forth and is delivering as expected with the overall advertising plan of Scenic Ridge Company.

WebTek has been serving businesses in the Lancaster County area improve online for over 18 years. WebTek focuses in professional web design and offers a full range of web design and internet marketing services including search engine optimization, wordpress sites, online stores, mobile and more. If you find information that might be incorrect, please contact Scenic Ridge Company directly. If you encounter errors related to the website, please contact WebTek directly:

100 South 7th Street
Akron, PA 17501


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The website you are currently on was designed and programmed using responsive web design. This allows our website to be available in a mobile-friendly format. All mobile phones that have Internet access can make use of our website.


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