Sage Atwater

Sage Atwater

Sage Atwater is a senior living facility located in Malvern PA. The building we worked on was constructed specifically to provide both assisted and non-assisted living for seniors in their own apartments. This building is an elaborate high-end five-story structural steel / podium building with 314,698 SF of living space. The upper floors are supported with engineered light gauge metal load-bearing walls, supporting bar joists and decking with concrete slab floors. This facility features several eating areas, bars, a small movie theater and an outdoor patio on the 5th floor. It also houses two very nice terraces for outdoor activities, and even has a small gardening area. The bottom level of the building contains a parking garage for the residents.

Scenic Ridge was awarded the concrete and miscellaneous steel work for this project. Sage Atwater came to depend on our company for many things that did not fall neatly into some other contractor’s scope of work. For example, the balconies for the building came prefabricated from a company in the Midwest. The installation didn’t fit anyone’s scope of work, so we did the installation ourselves! Scenic Ridge was also able to provide both excavation as well as express steel services. There were also very specific finishes and designs needed for the exterior concrete flatwork. Scenic Ridge worked in tandem with a subcontractor to execute their designs to their great satisfaction. Many times our company was praised for the quality of our workmanship.

Overall the footprint of the building is 260’ x 425’. It boasts of two end towers and a center connecting tower forming an “I” shaped structure. Unfortunately, about two thirds of the way through the project, the third tower burned. Thankfully it didn’t fall down, but was structurally damaged to the point of being unusable. It had to be torn down all the way even with the footings being replaced and rebuilt from scratch. Scenic Ridge maintained the same contracts for the rebuild that we had obtained for the original build of the third tower.

Overall this was a great project for Scenic Ridge. It was a privilege for our team to work together and solve problems on the job as they arose. We were able to get creative and come up with ways we could meet the needs of the GC when no one else could. Our company made an excellent impression on the prestigious GC out of Chicago, which made this job successful in more ways than one.

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