TCW-GAV (TCW Computer Systems & Glick Audio & Video)

TCW-GAV (TCW Computer Systems & Glick Audio & Video)

TCW-GAV has helped take Scenic Ridge and many other businesses to the next level by providing excellent service through computer networking and audio-visual technology! They provide local expert services including networking, cloud solutions, security, audio and video, telephone systems, and more.

TCW-GAV purchased this property with an older 6,600-square-foot building in place. They hired Scenic Ridge and several other loyal clients to help with this major project, and it was a great success! We cleaned and painted the old brick walls, demolished many interior walls, added a 50’x60’ wood-framed wing, and installed new doors, windows, skylights, finishes, and mechanical/electrical systems.

The finished building has beautiful workspaces and is able of supporting about sixty employees. It features beautiful polished & stained concrete floors, modern metal siding and canopies, and lots of natural light!

Contact TCW-GAV for all your computer, audio, and video needs. They are a great local technology company built on innovation and service!

Quick Facts

  • New Office Space for your Audio, Video, and Computer Networking Expert!
  • 6,600 SF Renovation + 3,000 SF Addition (9,600 SF total)
  • Lancaster, PA
  • Completed July 2022

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