Our Process

With our wide range of experienced construction staff, we have learned what works well and what doesn’t work. To ensure that every project is completed as efficiently as possible, we have taken what we have learned over the years and developed a three-step process. Each step in our process is designed to help us proactively anticipate and prepare for nearly any obstacle we could encounter on a project. Having a plan in place allows us to prevent time-consuming errors like scheduling conflicts and issues with building code requirements.

Project Development

Most clients start a project with two main thoughts in mind:

  1. What type of building is needed?
  2. How much is it going to cost?

When we meet with our clients, the number one thing we do is listen. Listening to clients talk about their vision for their project is the best way we can develop a design that meets their needs in every way, including budget. Our team works with architects and engineers, and can provide three-dimensional, colored renderings to our clients, which help offer a very realistic view of a building before any construction work begins.

Our team is familiar with local land development and zoning regulations. We will work with a civil engineer who fits your project. We will coordinate the site plans, building plans, and mechanical/electrical systems to ensure that the whole facility design is integrated to meet our client’s needs.

Planning & Permitting

Once our team has the design and budget established, a Project Manager joins the team. The Project Manager’s role is to take over managing the final building design, as well as to schedule and obtain permits in preparation for ground breaking. The Project Manager works hand-in-hand with our Project Development team to verify that the final design is in compliance with our concept design/budget, and that it meets all local building codes. If there are any deviations in the design that impact cost, they are addressed during Step 2. We coordinate all segments of design together: architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and site layout.

The Project Manager develops a schedule that defines critical path dates for the design, permitting and construction phases. We will order any materials that require a long lead time, such as steel, to keep the project on schedule. As soon as the site design is complete, we start the land development submittal and approval process. The approval process can be quite lengthy because it requires both state and local government approvals. Once we receive all of the necessary approvals, we move forward to work on obtaining the proper building permits. Finally, the last section of Step 2 involves the Project Manager developing the final construction contract for the owner's approval.

Construction Services

One of Scenic Ridge’s experienced Project Supervisors and crew members will take charge at the construction site. The Supervisor coordinates all job site activities, oversees job site meetings and maintains a three-week schedule plan. The Supervisor facilitates material deliveries, schedules manpower, reviews safety, coordinates inspections and oversees all quality control. The Supervisor reports daily to the Project Manager, as the Project Manager is ultimately responsible for your satisfaction.

Our talented construction crews are the key to our building success. While many general contractors rely completely on subcontractors, we employ our own manpower and equipment to better control all aspects of our projects. When necessary we will partner with specialty contractors who are the best fit for your project needs.

The Scenic Ridge team will get your project off the ground quickly. Our construction crews put in the foundations, set the steel and install the roof in a one-two-three punch. Once those three items are in place, we are able to pour the floor slab and enclose the walls. This allows us to start interior work earlier, which saves time and money.

Our clients enjoy seeing daily construction progress. In fact, we invite them to be part of our job site schedule meetings. The meetings help keep everyone informed of our work progress and any additional selections the client needs to make. We strive to make the construction of every project a rewarding experience for everyone involved, especially the client.