Scenic Ridge has the tools and trained professionals to take any building project from concept to completion. We are responsible for the entire project, from initial design through final building construction and occupancy. In simple terms, Scenic Ridge is "one-stop shopping" for your building needs.

In-Depth Look: Site & Building LayoutsDiscuss Your Project

The design and layout of a building can directly impact productivity inside the space when the building is finished. Scenic Ridge’s experienced project developers team with architects and engineers who will analyze the planned use of the space to create an efficient work flow. Over the years, we've witnessed how important work flow can be to the success of a business. We listen to the client's intentions for the space and then create a plan that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. To learn more about how Scenic Ridge can add value to your project, start a conversation with us today!

In-Depth Look: Value EngineeringDiscuss Your Project

If you've already hired a design professional, we have the hands-on experience necessary to provide Value Engineering for your project. We will work with your design team and offer construction solutions. Our project managers and supervisors have a wealth of knowledge and experience to help balance the function, appearance, and cost of your project.

In-Depth Look: Construction ServicesDiscuss Your Project

Scenic Ridge has the manpower to construct a variety of building types, building additions and building renovations. Regardless of whether it's a pre-engineered metal building or block and bar joists, our team is ready to tackle large and small projects. Our crews can handle digging, backfilling, stone grading, concrete work and steel erection. We maintain synergy amongst all employees involved on a project to stay ahead of schedule and reduce costs.

In-Depth Look: Building PermitsDiscuss Your Project

Scenic Ridge realizes what a big undertaking a building project is for our clients. We try to streamline as many parts of the process as possible, taking away many of the headaches that the paperwork can create.

Building permits are easy for Scenic Ridge. We deal with them every day and know what most authorities will require for your project. We team with design professionals and all involved parties to get the job done.

In-Depth Look: BudgetingDiscuss Your Project

In today's world, financing is often an important part of a building project. Scenic Ridge knows what it takes to get your project off the ground. We can develop your project to be done in multiple phases, allowing you to keep up-front costs lower and add more features at a later time.

Scenic Ridge invests a lot of time and effort to keep our technology and pricing systems updated and accurate. We get updated pricing from vendors on a regular basis, helping us provide you with consistent, accurate pricing.