Fabrication Services

Scenic Ridge's detailing department is committed to excellence, and conforms to AISC. We take great pride in our ability to provide virtually any building solution our clients could need for their building. Having our own metal fabrication shop to supply structural steel or miscellaneous metals needed for a project sets us apart from other builders. Our fabrication shop can supply:

  • In-house Steel Detailing
  • Beams and Columns
  • Stairs and Railings
  • Mezzanines
  • Standing Seam Metal Roofing and Siding
  • Secondary Structural Components
  • Trim and Accessories

Our experienced, certified welders and metal fabricators are trained to provide exemplary quality products, and have the skills to fabricate very complex metal pieces. Our own metal fabrication shop is just one more way to reinforce to our clients that we are a one-stop shop.

In-Depth Look: Steps & Stair RailingsDiscuss Your Project

One of the most important aspects of a building is the ability to access it safely and effectively. The Scenic Ridge fabrication shop can make any stairs or railings required for a project. Our materials include steel pan, diamond-plate and steel grates. We also fabricate custom steel pipe railings on a regular basis.

In-Depth Look: In-house Steel DetailingDiscuss Your Project

Scenic Ridge utilizes Tekla Structures, a state-of-the-art 3-D BIM steel detailing program. This enables us to create the most accurate shop drawings and reduce the chance of errors. Having four trained Tekla draftsman allows us to complete shop drawings quickly to meet deadlines.

In-Depth Look: Miscellaneous WeldingDiscuss Your Project

The fabrication shop at Scenic Ridge has the ability to weld almost anything that needs welding. As our business has grown over the years, so has the demand to continually expand our welding department. Our certified welders have fabricated many speciality projects. Contact us with any of your welding needs.

In-Depth Look: Steel BollardsDiscuss Your Project

Steel bollard is a fancy word for a metal pipe. The use of bollards plays a very important role in protecting a building. Bollards protect buildings, doors and pedestrians from vehicles by providing a perimeter defense. At our fabrication shop, we keep an inventory of 4”, 5” and 6” bollards.

In-Depth Look: Rebar Cutting & BendingDiscuss Your Project

The fabrication shop at Scenic Ridge provides many different services such as steel rebar cutting and bending. Rebar is important on any building project involving concrete or masonry. We stock our shop with most standard sizes of rebar and can cut or bend rebar to whatever size is needed for a project.

In-Depth Look: Building Trim & AccessoriesDiscuss Your Project

Scenic Ridge specializes in pre-engineered metal buildings, and everything associated with them. We understand that over time, weather can start to take a toll on buildings. We keep our fabrication shop stocked with items to replace or repair worn out trim items. We keep a multitude of standard colors on hand at all times, and our computerized brake will quickly create any custom trim needed. Additionally, we can provide any accessories our clients may need for their metal building, such as screws, bolts, tapes, sealants, snow guards and more.

In-Depth Look: Standing Seam RoofingDiscuss Your Project

Throughout the last several years, standard seam roofing has become a very popular choice by our clients. The benefits to using a standing-seam roof is that it enhances overall weather resistance and appearence of your building. Additionally, the panels of the new roof interlock in a way that allows thermal movement without creating damage. Our fabrication shop keeps most standard colors in stock, and our roll forming machine can produce metal roof panels to custom lengths right on the job site.

In-Depth Look: Beams and ColumnsDiscuss Your Project

At the Scenic Ridge fabrication shop, we can provide steel beams and columns used in structural steel buildings. Our fabrication shop has fabricated steel for multi-story buildings and retail buildings, as well as smaller custom projects. Steel beams and columns are the two most important materials used in structural steel construction.