The excavating department at Scenic Ridge continues to grow. We saw that our clients had a need for excavating services, so we added those services into the mix of our offerings.

When Scenic Ridge is hired for concrete work, it is more efficient for us to handle the foundation excavation and stone work as well. This allows us to ensure things are dug to the right size and depth, at the precise time it is needed each day. We also handle under-slab stone installation, reducing chances for costly errors and re-work.

We continue to add new employees to our excavating crews. With the crew sizes expanded, so has their cumulative experience in the field. Our excavating crews can tackle simple excavating jobs as well as more complex jobs. We handle things like cisterns, equipment pits, utility trenching, and driveways on a regular basis.

When Scenic Ridge does the both concrete and excavating work, you save time and money. You can be confident and trust that the job will get done right!

Learn how Scenic Ridge can help with excavating needs by starting a conversation with us today!