Green Buildings

At Scenic Ridge, we take the environmental impact of our work very seriously. For our clients who are dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint, we can provide several building options that have a low environmental impact and reduce energy usage/costs.

One way we can help our green-conscious clients reduce energy usage/costs is by using insulated metal panels for wall and roof systems. Our panels offer insulation values up to R-40, and provide a finished face on both the interior and exterior of the building.

Using insulated panels can give you significant savings in heating and cooling costs over the course of a year. We also recommend utilizing high-performance daylighting systems such as skylights. These systems bring natural sunlight indoors and are Energy Star compliant. Turn off the lights and turn on the sun!

Scenic Ridge’s steel buildings are made from recycled materials. We purchase most of our building materials from local manufacturers. Buying local helps reduce fuel emissions and helps support the local business community. By using eco-friendly products and processes, our company is making considerable efforts to limit the environmental impact of our work.